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So it´s gone two weeks since we bought the boat and i just came up with the idea that a blog to keep track of my progress could be a good way of keeping track.

I will keep updating here when I do things on the boat from now on but here is a little update to date:

The first few days was almost all about reading up on the engines and especially the on that was on the boat. It turned out to be a Mercury 500 (50hp) from 1970 and the reason why the pull start rope was not able to pull was that the engine had been seized.

Not a good start and the hope to get the engine alive felt a bit feather away. But i started reading a lot on the internet and found a lot of tips. I started by spraying some WD-40 into the spark plug holes, just a little bit every day for 3 days but no progress, the flywheel was still seized and didn’t budge a millimiter. Found a tip about using ATF oil and a little mix with aceton and tested that on day 4, 30 min later the engine was now unseized and i was hoping on that it just had seized from a little rust on the piston rings and no other damage.

Next step was to take out and clean the carbs. since i can’t do so much with my back at the moment It took me two days to get the carbs out and another two days to clean them. This motor project was starting to become some sort of therapy for me, i just needed to watch out that i didn’t do more then the back would let me do.
While the carbs was out i did some cleaning to the inside of the engine, just get all the dirt out that i could reach.
Carbs back in and now it was time for the lover unit. Bought a new impeller and gaskets for it and replaced the old one. Lower unit back together and filled up new gear oil (there was some water in the old one, I will have to check this again later on to se if it is leaking or if it just was a bit of condensation from standing (i don’t know how many years it has been standing, according to the old owner it was 1-2 years but I’m not to sure about that).

Now i was feeling i was starting to get somewhere with the engine and almost time to test it!

Bought new start plugs and emptied the fuel tank/ cleaned it and put in new gas and oil, also put in some kind of stabiliser for the fuel and a new gas filter just after the hand pump on the gas line going to the tank (replaced a old filter that was there).

All this was done during 2 weeks time, doing a little almost everyday (wishing i could do more but the back holds me back) so yesterday was the day to test start it in a barrel!

Got help from a friend to try pull start it since i can’t do that just now and nothing happened… Not even a tiny puff from the engine. Finally i tested switching the switch you turn off the engine with to off and 2 pulls later the engine started! It seems as though the switch is backwards, putting it on on puts the engine off and putting it on off lets the engine be started 🙂

I can’t explain how happy i was hearing the engine start! All the effort i put in to reading forums learning steps and trying to do them hade not been in waste!

The engine seemed to be running good but the rev sounded a little bit high so that i will check on later on, think by adjusting the screws on the two carburettors.

Today i was hoping on testing this but I didn’t feel so good in the back and also i don’t have a long enough small screwdriver to reach so i decided to start this blog instead.

I will try to get in some pictures as we go and probable some post will be of what i have done in the past also (i do have some pictures from the things i did) but i will definitely try to take some more pictures during the upcoming stuff i will do.

All for now, Over & Out