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So the first thing I did when the day after we bought the boat was to get starting on a boat stand. 

This was a easy project and I did it together with my 4 year old son. This project is took me two days to do because I can’t do to much with the back at once but I recon you could do it in about 1 1/2 – 2hours including getting in and out the tools. All you need in material is some wood and screws (I already had this laying in the garage) and if you want it to be flexible to move, 4 wheels, I picked up mine at a store for about £6. 

I searched the internet for some plans and found this one on a forum that I thought looked good. Outboard stand plans

The only thing that could be a little  tricky is getting the angels right. It’s also important that you use screws and not nails. 

The wheels added was a great thing, I can easy move it around in my garage without any effort now. 

After it was all done I just needed to wait for my neighbour to come home so he could lift the outboard up on it (can’t lift with my back). 

As you can see on the photos this is a Johnson outboard. It’s a 40hp 1973, I didn’t get the controls to it but I’m having hopes in getting it running later on (but my focus is on the mercury 500 on the boat for now). 

All for now, Over and Out