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So I thought I was going to share with you some plans on the boat deck. 

These pictures show where we are at today, they where taken just after coming home with the boat. 

We have two front seats with a tilt open storage space underneath and in the back there is a sofa that rests on each side of the boat. The deck is made up by planks that are sitting on 3 wooden planks going across the boat. I have checked so there are no screws straight in to the hull of the boat (you never know what previous inverse do). 

In the future I would like to make a restoration and get the inside layout a bit more as original with a sofa in the front and a sofa in the back but for starters I’m thinking of keeping it pretty much the same but changing the plank deck because of to reasons. 1) some of the planks are very soft 2) a lot of leafs and dirt is under the planks and I can not clean it out without unscrewing the planks. I think it will be hard to screw all the screws out so probable will bed a cowbar for some of them and that will mean I still need to replace some planks. 

So my plan is to take the planks out and have a look under neath and clean it up. Then putting it a new deck and using these seats for next season. I don’t want to do anything expensive in the deck for now since if I’m going to do a bigger renovation of the whole boat after next summer I will probable want to make a whole sew deck as well. 

So I’m thinking about laying out 3 new beams from side to side just as it is right now but maybe instead of planks on them go with a sheet of plywood on top. Since it most likely is only for tge next summer and I will be trailing the boat I won’t buy expensive marine plywood or do anything special with the wood, I don’t think it will matter for one summer. However I will try to get the shape pretty good so I maybe can use that shape for the next time I do the flooring. 

I will also do some kind of support for the back seat, I don’t like the idea of it resting on the two insides of the wall. And having it easy to pull over to access underneath it in the rear back of the boat. 

It would maybe also be a god idea to get the boat in water without the floor once just to check it’s not leaking in and that the boat actually floats before I make changes to it:) I will see if I will have the engine done and the back ok one day for this before it gets to cold. Will need to get a friend with me to help do the “heavy stuff” for me for now. 

To be continued later on

All for now, Over & Out