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Hi there! A few days ago I had my appointment with my physiotherapist and on the way home I popped in to the hardware store to buy a long small screwdriver so I can adjust the rew on the motor later on. Unfortunately they didn’t have a small long one so I need to keep looking but I didn’t bump in to something I have been thinking of buying for some time now, and I think it will come handy for this boat project to. 

Well saying I’ve been thinking of buying this for some time now is almost a understatement, to be honest I have had my thought on it for at least 2 1/2 years now, probably longer but today was finally the day. I have bought a compressor 🙂

It’s not one of those big big ones but I think it will be perfect for the kind of use I’m after anyways. Mostly pumping up some bikes/cars and using it as a blow gun when cleaning things up and that is the part I’m thinking I will have use of it with the boat to! When I’ve done the carbs I hade a bottle of compressed air and that worked good but those bottles are expensive and I empty mine pretty fast when cleaning the carbs and a few other small bits. 

I’m also hoping on getting some use out of it when doing some renovation around the home, I’ve been borrowing my partners fathers compressor before for that kind of work but always thought it would come in handy to have my own in the garage to. 

So strolling around the store looking for a screwdriver I had to have a look around for “things you didn’t know you need” and since I like tools this is a perfect place for me to have a look around and there it was, set down with 40% (that’s the reason I haven’t bought one before, I didn’t want to buy the weakest one of the smaller ones and the little bigger ones started to cost a bit much for the use I would have for it so always gone home without a buy). 

Looking forward to get it tested later on, can already see it coming to use when I take the deck planks off and do a clean underneath where a lot of leafs and stuff is. 

All for now, Over & Out