God evening!

When out to the garage tonight to have a look on the fuel connection to the engine (more on that in an upcoming post) and I couldn’t stop thinking about how the interior of the boat could be done to make look a lot nicer. Yes I know I don’t have that as a priority right now, first summer (next summer) is more about getting the feel of how much the family will use the boat and so but I have decided to make a new deck and I’m thinking I might as well take the opportunity to just test a few things out on the deck i put in for now so I might learn something for the (hopefully) upcoming project next autumn!

One thing i really have taken a like to is a wooden deck in some kind of teak or mahogny look with varnish on it. Now this is not a boat that is worth spending a big bucket of money into (even though i want to make it as nice as possible if i do something on it) so tonight I have been out on the internet and reading some stuff and I´m in the though process now of laying down a plywood deck that i first stain to a likeable colour (maybe mahogny brown stain etc) and then go on with 3 layers of epoxy (never used this before so could be a good learning project) and after that go with a few layers of varnish. I have seen some pictures of this done and here is something in the way it would turn out.

Now i have a few questions i need to figure out first.
1) I would like to add veneer (I think this is the correct word, I mean the black stripes into the wood often used on boats) but I’m not sure if it is possible, for one, can i router out these on the plywood? and for second, do I fill them up with the black filler before or after epoxy (and even varnish).
2) I´m thinking about how the deck would be to walk on when it gets wet (yes i know there is not much space to walk on in this boat), will it be slippery as  soap?

So a few things to keep on researching here on this department. But I’m leaning on giving it a try, at least with the plywood stain epoxy and varnish, I have seen the process done and i think i can do it to, i just don’t know how slippery it will get. And out the veneer I just need to search more. As you may have noticed my first language is not english so all research in not my native language gets a little bit more tricky some times but I find it to be so much more information out there in English.

I think that will be all for now, if you have any tips, just write a comment in the comment box 🙂

All for now, Over & Out