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I’m really interested in how I can do my plywood deck so tonight I went out in the garage and found a peace of scrap plywood to start the testing on!I sanded it down and then used a router to make six groves (right side of the picture) and the other half of the plywood I let be without any groves. Sanded again and lay on some mahogany stain, it turned out to be a bit more red then I hade imagined but will be interesting to see how it looks when all the steps are done later on. 

Now it will dry for a while and then I’ll go into next step of testing which is:

3 goves will be filled with a black mass (here they sell them on a tube but I just read that these lines between planks are made of all different kind of stuff, like chalk and epoxy, even one that used tape and then epoxy (no groves on that one) to get the effect). 

3 groves will be left alone, then I’ll let it dry and next step is to epoxy everything. 

Then a mother layer of epoxy and then I’ll go on with the filler in the three groves I didn’t do in the beginning and then 2 more layers epoxy and finally a few layers varnish. 

I want to learn a few things by doing this. 

•Dose the epoxy work on top of this stain?

•Dose epoxy work on top of the filler?

•Dose the filler work on top of the epoxy?

•What was the best way to do?

I’ll also be doing the same thing on a peace of plywood without stain just to get to see how the difference is. 

•Also it’s good practice to learn to do the epoxy and varnish stuff before going into something bigger. 
I guess this will be like a little series on my testing the upcoming week/weeks so stay tuned for how it goes!

All for now, Over & Out