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So last Saturday I managed to get the engine going, it seemed to run pretty god except a bit to high in neutral rev. On Sunday I was taking a look at the deck (I’m going to take it apart to clean underneath and make a new deck) so my first part was to disconnect the fuel line from the tank to the engine. I have had it connected and disconnects before but for some reason I couldn’t disconnect the contact between the line and the engineer this time. 

fuel connection

Here’s a bad picture of the connection I’m talking about. 

Didn’t have more energy in the body to do anything about it but yeaterday I took a new look. It’s a kind of barronet fastening, you have to twist it and then pull it out and it seems to me as if it is not able to twist as far as needed to release and get pulled out. 

I started with taking of a box with two wires running to the cdi box (I’m not sure what this box is so any reply in comments would be appreciated). 

I also needed to releas a fastener for the wire going to this box from the other side of the engine as you can see on the left side on this picture. 

Now I had enough room to get this box out of the way

Under this box the fuel line is and two bolts needed to be taken out (already done these once when getting to the carbs). My idea was that having the line loose will help me trying to disconnect the connections. 

At this point I can tell you I was wrong, this didn’t help me get a firm grip and twist the connection, since the fuel line is connected inside the engine I actually had more difficulty getting a grip now when it was loos. 

So but it all back again and had a mother similar connection near the fuel tank in the boat so opens it and noticed they connection only needed to twist a bit then it should come out. 

Made some effort on the “problem connection” and 30sec later I got it disconnected! Probably easy for someone who is use to these, but now I have learnt something new. I also noticed the wings you grip are not in line with the direction the connection should be to disconnect so knowing that will save me some trouble next time. It also seems as this is a bit woard down so maybe the previous owner had had the same problem before. Maybe I’ll change to a new one next summer but for now it will do fine for me. 

Here is the connection in the engine 

And here is the connection from the fuel line, if you look carefully you can as it doesn’t line up with the two grip wings on the outside of the connection and that’s where I had problem I didn’t line it up right for releas. 
All for now, Over & Out