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I’m the first to admit I’m no Picasso but here’s some kind of idea of what I’m thinking of doing with the deck and the seats. Really like these kind of decks so think I will make a try on doing it so and then a rear sofa seems as a no brainer but not absolutely sure about the front portion. Originally these boats hade a sofa with a lover backrest in the middle so it was more of a sofa for two. Not sure if I want to go with that here or have a full length backrest all the way to fit 3 people (two normal size and a child) or maybe go with two seats instead. 

First step would be making the deck and meanwhile giving the seat layout some serious thought. I still have the seats from when I bought the boat so for starters I can mange with them maybe for next summer so no hurry anyways! 

Have a good Friday and a nice weekend! 

All for now, Over & Out