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Got around to take out the old deck to have a inspection under it and do a bit of cleaning. Will do a new deck just because the old one was a bit bad at some planks and some screws where rounded so needed a cowbar to take them apart and damaged the planks even more. 

I’m thinking of using a similar way, with a few planks from side to side for stability and then cutting out a plywood as deck. I don’t think I’ll bother with plastering or fiberglassing it because I just want it to last next summer and the boat will not be outside when not in use so it won’t get to much wear and tear during next summer. 

But just for testing I think I will give it a paint of darker teakwood look and then some kind of protection on the top side. The deck will hopefully be handy later on to get the “real deck” shape next autumn if I decide to renovate it more then. 

First step was to take of the front seats and the rear sofa, no big think, only a few screws in to the plank deck. (As you can se in the picture the front seats where sat on a small wooden box, also attached to the planks by screws. 

The deck itsel was running along the boats inside from front to back and they where screws in place by three rounded wood peaces going for side to side of the boat. I was worried about how these three peacea where fastened to the boat (don’t want any screws in to the hull) but the middle one and reare was loose and the front one was fastened by a rope that was attached to wood glued to the hull so no nails here 🙂 removing the planks was easy with the help of a electric screwdriver. A few screws where bashed up so used a crossbar to get thous planks off. 

Part of the deck out of the boat, mostly planks but the one in the middle standing half up is one of the round ones the planks where attached to. You can also see the box for the front seats in the rear of the picture. 

All done, the deck is completely removed and a bit of cleaning up has been done (loads of leaves under the deck). The hull isn’t pretty in paint but it seems to be in one peace without cracks or old screw holes in it and I’m pleased with that. 

A bit more cleaning to do before the next part begins with building a new deck. To be continued 

All for now, Over & Out