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Done some more on the deck now, used my new compressor to blow of some more dirt and a vacuum cleaner to tidying thing off for starters. 

Removed the wooden part in the bow where the fuel tank sits and to my dissatisfaction tha plank was fastens with a few screws. It was sealed underneath with some kind of silicone and it’s unde the bow “roof” so I don’t think any water has come in there but I will check the holes and fill them in with new sealer of some kind for now and have a mental bit of maybe do some fibreglass and epoxy work next autumn. 

Getting the new “beams” across the hull for the deck to rest on I used the old planks for getting the shapes, I haven’t decided if I’ll be using them under the plywood or change to something thicker. 

First I tried making the shapes with paper but I found it way to tricky, probable a great solution out there on how to do this but I came up with this and it worked pretty good: 

I layed tha plank where I wanted it, took something to hold a pen with and then just followed the hull and the pencil drew the cut line in the plank. 

I decided to make my own pen holder out of some scrap plywood and drill a hole for the pen. After I took the picture I found out I need to have a sharp arrow point on the bottom of the plywood so it follows the curves of the hull good so made a sharp arrow and drew my lines. 

Then I used a jigsaw to cut it out and tested the fit. Turned out to fit pretty good so did a few more along the boat. 

I’m thinking of making the plywood deck in two parts, one from the under the back sofa to under the front sofa, and one from there running in to the bow. By splitting it in two parts I’ll be able to fit it in and out a bit more easy and where the two parts connect won’t be visible. 

Next part will be to do some more thinking if I can use these planks or if I need something bigger, how I’m going to attach them and the plywood and then need to buy some plywood and cut out the shape. Dry fitting before I do any stain testing and hopefully get the boat in the water for a float test to before I do the stain and maybe epoxy / varnish test and fit it all. 

All for now, Over & Out