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Things are moving on in right direction, been down to the wood shop to buy some wood and make more stringers. Actually I decided to throw away some of the ones I did last time because after thinking how the seats would sit I wanted to change the placement of them giving more support evenly and also the first ones where made from scrap wood from the old deck which wasn’t optimal. 

The technique to mark the template to saw was the same as last time but made a new pen holder for a better marker pen this time. 

This is the progress so far. I think it will turn out good and it evens out the pressure on the “real”deck good to. Also added some holes where the water can run free down to the back of the boat where I can empty it easy. I don’t think I’ll bother with waterproofing these stringers now, want to give it a test next summer and see if improvements needs to be done to. 

Also wanted to buy a plywood sheet for the deck but had no energy in the back to get a trailer today so will do that later on. I do have a thing to think about here, the sheets are 1225mm and the boat is 1250mm at its widest point so I’m going to have a little bit that I can’t cower with plywood at the middle sides, about 15mm each side. I want the plywood grain to be along the boat so turning the plywood and get more parts to fit together is not an option I want to do. Probably just have it like that for now and think about it later on, it’s still a test deck after all so improvement along the way is not a problem. 

Think I have got a good ide about the seatings now as well and placing the stringers for that, more on this later on. 
All for now, Over & Out