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Hi, even though I the blog has come out with a few new articles I haven’t been doing anything on the boat since the weekend. I use time schedule to post my posts a bit more even instead of getting all posted in bunches. 

This week I’ve been away on a back check and all my energie has gone to manage my work but I’m hoping on getting some more done with the boat soon. I have some done that I haven’t been posting yet so will keep a few more posts coming even if I won’t get time and energy fore the boat the nearest days. 

Autumn is coming fast now and it’s been a bit rainy so I haven’t had a good opportunity to go and buy a plywood sheet for the deck without risking it getting wet on the way home. Also I’m still in the progress of the deck testing so there is really no big hurry for the plywood. 

What I do feel a bit hurry about is that I would like to test the boat in the water before it gets to cold, but at the moment I’m not sure if I will get that opportunity before its to late this year, I’ll just have to wait an see. 

One thing I’ve been thinking about is if I should do a little effort when it comes to the inside walls of the boat. First I didn’t have anything planed for that the first year but I’m starting to feel that it would make a big difference to the appearance of the boat (at least for the ones in it) if I gave it some new paint inside before next summer. If the deck turns out something like I’m hoping it will make a big difference if the sides get some new colour to. I’ve been looking on the Internet and I think I can come away with spending about £35 for this plus the time doing it so it’s not to expensive and it would maybe be a good learning before going on to repaint the whole boat after next summer if we get that far with our boat interest in the family. 

Not sure if I will go with the off white or plain white, having in mind that the deck will probably be a bit mahogany coloured I think some sort of white will look good. I’m also thinking that this will be easiest to do before getting the deck in place, but maybe I dry fit the deck if it will allow me to get in the water once this year, and then take the deck off and give the inside a layer of paint before putting the deck back on. 

I have also been thinking about using the two front seats for next summer, but I’m now thinking about maybe building a new front sofa during the Spring since I probably will have the time for that. 

Well that is enough of my thoughts right now, we will just have to wait and see how it all plans out, won’t we?

All for now, Over & Out