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We are in to the last day of this week and I woke up this morning at got stunned over how good my computer is working now!


Picture of inside with the new RAM (green black white thing over the black battery) and the new SSD in the bottom left corner of the picture.

It started yesterday when I finally decided to change the Ram memory and the HDD to a SDD on my Early 2011 MacBook Pro. The computer itself is in good taken care of condition but the last year I have been noticing it geting a bit slower and the last months it has been so bad that I started thinking of maybe It`s time to bite the apple so to speak and buy a new one but then I started reading a bit about upgrading the memory and the ram and decided it was worth a try since I could do this for about £100 instead of a new computer for £1100.

So yesterday, companied by my mother we drove in to town and bought a 240gb SSD and two 4gb Ram memory cards. Had a rest with the back the next few hours and then started to open the unibody of the Mac. The process of changing the Ram and the HDD to a SDD was easy and quick work, took me about 15 min and I used some googled up websites to guide me in the process.

Before hand I hade saved all the important stuff on the computer (I decided to not make a copy of the old HDD into the new SSD because I wanted to start over fresh) and having the integration with iCloud made things a lot easier to, all my files and pictures are already in iCloud.

Then came the part that took time, starting up the computer again I needed to install the OS X and this was OS X Lion on my computer. So left the computer to be during this process and when it was done, logged in with my Apple account and in to App Store and downloaded the latest OS X Sierra (this also took some time). Before going to bed it was installed and I went in to App Store again to start download my programs again, numbers, pages, etc.

This morning it was time to test te computer and it didn’t take more then a few seconds to realize I should have done this upgrade a year ago. The computer is now faster then it has ever been, I can’t believe hos quick it opens up all different programs and stuff now.

As a comparison, opening pages took med easy 1 min before having the icon bouncing on the dock for atlas 30 sec before another 30 for the program to start to be able to use it. Now it opens in 2-3 seconds and ready to use, unbelievable differens!

So its safe to say I’m very happy this Sunday morning! And working on the computer will be a lot more fun again, hopefully I can get out at least a mother year from this computer now before thinking about a new laptop.


All for now, Over & Out