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Sunday and took the opportunity to try out some more testing for the deck. 

Today was time to test the epoxy on the plywood I had stained before and routed out 6 groves (3 of them filled with the black stuff). 

I read on the label the temperature should be 18 degrees or above, in down to 14-15 today but I’m hoping it won’t be a problem, it had a hardening time of 24h but I will leave it to rest for a few days before having a look and deciding if I need a bother coat before I will the remaining 3 groves with the black mass or if I can go in that straight away and then maybe 2 more epoxy levels before going on to fernish. 

I’m also hoping on that the board won’t get to much dust on now when drying, I won’t be doing anything else in the garage for now but the garage is not dust free. Just wait in see I guess. 

Here is a picture after I just coated it with the epoxy, I didn’t bother to coat the first grove where the black mass was so messy (sanding it down only took the stain away to)   

I’m not sure if the colour will change when it has dryer out but I like this colour more then how it was before the epoxy, feels a bit richer so hoping on the colour will stay this way. 
Just a few last words about the process:

I used a painting brush, I heard you can use a roller to but seen people with good results by using brush and since it was so small area I thought it would be easier. 

I mixed the epoxy by measuring up in a medicine measurement bowl and I used a new plastic beer mug to mix it together in. Easy to use and easy to dispose when done with the epoxy. 

Don’t forget to wear protection while working with epoxy. I used a overall to protect my clothes, glasses, plastic gloves and a breath masks. 

So now it’s just to wait and see if this was any kind of success or if it’s back to the internet to read up more on “how to”

All for now, Over & Out