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Another week has past and the days are getting shorter and colder over here. 

This weekend I didn’t do much with the boat, really needed the rest after a long work week but did sand the first layer of epoxy on the test deck so it’s now ready for the black caulk before the next round with epoxy. 

I’ll do that during this week and hopefully make the next layer of epoxy at this weekend. 

I also installed a mother lamp in the garage, it was well needed since I only had one in the deeper end of the garage (the other one I had to take away when installing a electrical door opener) and I never got around to install a new lamp. But now I have light to work in during the darker months to, only thing stoping me is I don’t have any heat in the garage. 

No pictures today, but stay tuned for the next one
All for now, Over & Out