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Week 42 is going to its end and it’s been a rough week where almost all energy with the back has been put on work so the boat stood still for most part.

However, yesterday I got around to fill the three last groves with the black caulk and today I did a quick jobb of laying on a layer of epoxi, the second layer total now and I’m waiting with interest on to see how it will turn out. 

I’m really hoping it covers all the caulking lines this time (had a few spots last time it didn’t cover after drying), at least on the first three lines but hopefully on the three I did yesterday to. I did use a bite more epoxi this time and I hope that will do the trick, at the same time I’m a bit more worried I may have more air bubbles with the thicker layer but will have to wait and see. 

Not to much to take pictures of this time so instead I’ll post something during the week with the result and hopefully it looks good and I just have to decide if it’s time for varnish or another layer of epoxi. 

With the back not making so fast progress and doing work at my max level right now this testing has really taken much longer time then I was hoping on and I don’t know if I will be able to start making the real deck before spring because of the cold in the garage now when we are going towards winter, but maybe I’ll get some more energy with the back soon and can solve the heat issue and get some bits going before spring, I do hope so, so when the weather turns for the warmer season again we can get the boat out in the water and tested for real:)

Think it’s time to which everyone a good upcoming week now!

All for now, Over & Out