How it started

Welcome to the boat renovation!
This page is mainly created for me to be able to follow the progress of the boat during the project, but if it also could help someone in their own renovation I’m just glad I could help with it.

I want to be clear that this is my first boat project and when I jumped into this, I had no knowledge of either boats or motors. This page is not a “perfect guide” off how to do, to follow the same steps are made at your own risk.

How did I became a boat owner?
It started with back surgery. The rehabilitation was long with much pain and many hours of the day was spent lying down and resting. A dangerous time to get lots of wacky ideas and to test the boating life with the family next summer seemed like a fun idea. A conversation with my friend gave me more motivation to try out boating.
My 4 year old son thought of course that a boat would be very exciting while the lady of the house was a little more sceptic to the idea …

A search for used boats online turned out pretty quickly that it would be a little more investment than I first thought for the kind of boats I thought would work well as a family boat.
Given that I did not know for sure how my back would be in the future and how much interest the family would have for boat life it seemed smarter to look for a small cheap boat that we would be able to test the boat life with.
I stumbled across an old 60’s “sport boat” that had been renovated up to good condition and liked the old charming style, while the size of the boat would work well to trailer and the price tag of these were little more moderate as the first boat.

I began to look for Selco and Ockelbo boats and saw some nice ones but they were too far away to run and check on (I could not drive away to far because of my back).

On day a old Selco poped up that was in great need of renovation, only 10 minutes from us, we decided to go and take a look at it. It turned out to be a total wreck and to build a boat from scratch almost felt easier than to take on this boat.

A week later, a new boat poped up on the internet close to us, very cheap and by the pictures it looked to be in running condition. We immediately went and checked on it. It included two engines, a trailer and a boat that looked to be in okay condition. We did´t know the condition of the two engines but the owner said that one had been used last year in another boat and the one sat on the boat had been standing for a while. Pullstart could not pull out on the on on the boat but the price of the whole package was so low that we thought it was with to gamle on the engines and give the boat a chance, and just like that we had become boat owners!

Now began the journey to learn about the engines and see if we could get life in at least one of them, if not I was pretty sure that we could sell the motors as parts and get back our whole investment, but then we would still need a new engine for the next summer.

So that is pretty much how we ended upp with two engines and a boat and the first step in to learning about boats and engines. The journey had begun…